Puna Gold Estate Farm Tour Testimonials

This was the most delightful adventure and our host was so personable.  I felt right at home. This farm is amazing with its composting and organic features. The meal provide was simply delightful even though I am not a vegan and had some apprehension, the flavors were tremendous and everything was grown right there on the farm. This is a MUST see if you are on the Big Island of Hawai’i.  Do not miss this, it is well worth it and the price is very reasonable.   Jerry and Theresa

Interesting and Fun

We recently had the opportunity to take a farm tour at Puna Gold estate. Steve spent a good bit of time with us, showing us the cacao and coffee trees, native fruits and veggies, and the bee hives. The locally sourced vegan lunch was delicious! We are going to be looking forward to coming back next trip, and seeing the gift shop when it is finished. David and Annette

A Big Fan!

Our third time back on the Big Island was an opportunity for us to once again spend some time at Pele’s Kitchen. We love their local ingredients and colorful atmosphere, but perhaps best of all are the unique syrups that the chef Stephen makes. I always take the opportunity to drench some pancakes or their signature french toast in them. Being fans of farm tours it was wonderful to learn that Stephen hosted one on his property. The tour was extensive, taking us through all of his different crops, as well as details of their growth and cultivation that would require some serious note-taking to retain. The variety of crops and experiments (including a small rice-paddy, honey, and local crops such as Ube) was greater than we’ve encountered on any other farm tour. Indeed, it appears this one farm has more variety of crops than all the other of have half-dozen farms we’ve visited combined. Stephen himself was a pleasure to spend some time with. A quirky mix of farmer and chef, at heart he appeared to us the kind of dreamer that makes Pahoa a unique place. It’s the spirit of adventure, of doing it yourself, living off the land and trading conventional security for the whims of one of earth’s greatest natural wonders – a volcano that has been continuously erupting for decades. Though Stephen and his family lost weeks of work and a season of cultivation during this past summer’s flow (which he was happy to share with us in excited detail), his land is lush and has recovered with few traces of the catastrophe that struck the surrounding area. Between thrilling memories of the 2018 volcanic flow, to the independent spirit of growth, we couldn’t think of any place better to experience what makes Puna so special.  Steven Scott

Puna Gold Coffee & Cacao Estate and Pele’s Kitchen are in the Puna district of Hawai`i Island.