Farm Tours & Art Workshops

Hawaiian Coffee

Coffee and Cacao FARM TOURS
tours by Chef Stephen!

$35 per person (children under12 are free)
By appointment only
1 PM daily except Mondays.
Please note that we accept cash only.
15-person limit per tour

Farm, Flowers and Chocolates
tours by Liz Lovejoy-Yundt

$50 per person include the tour, chocolate tasting,
a refreshment and talk story.

(children under10 are free)
By appointment only
10 person limit

Views the gardens: lotus ponds, anthurium, orchids, heliconia and lei making flowers. Chocolates if you are interested.

Lauhala Weaving
with Liz Lovejoy-Yundt

A bracelet may take 45 minutes to an hour on average for a beginner, less for an experienced weaver. Ornaments take about 30 minutes to an hour and probably should have basic weaving experience or be good with origami folds to insure success. Baskets take 1-2 hours and need some weaving experience/ background.

All above include kits with lauhala for finished projects, scissors, tools, instructions; space and tutoring as needed. $35.00

with Liz Lovejoy-Yundt

Students will need to schedule two days, and can be split over a week or two for your convenience. You will get to make and keep a piece of your own design and creation as well as work on one of my murals for extended instruction on fabrication and overcoming design challenges in indoor and outdoor settings. Workshop, tools, materials and supplies to complete personal item will be provided for use during classes. Tools for project can be purchased with prior notice, and will be procured for student at market price, reimbursement for said tools to be paid on first day of instruction. $150.00

Three day/ week stay “on campus” is available for guests from out of town, or out of state with prior approval and additional fees. Please contact Liz.

Silk painting and dyeing

Silk Painting/Dyeing Workshop
with Liz Lovejoy-Yundt

I provide a scarf, dyes and space to create a work of wearable art. figure 2-3 hours for a basic dyed scarf, or 5 hours for an intensive painting lesson on it. Basic rainbow colors available.