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I’m owner-chef, Stephen Yundt.  At Pele’s Kitchen we honor the Goddess by bringing you Heavenly Creations featuring locally-farmed Hawaiian fruits and vegetables for the highest freshness and quality. We grow much of the food served at Puna Gold Farm. Be sure to try some of the many flavorful jams we make with our own tropical fruits and fresh-sourced jungle juices.
Our organic Puna coffee is locally produced and has won many awards!  My wife, Liz, produces our honey!
We hope you enjoy your breakfast!

Uncle Stephen


Until things get back to normal you can still get great breakfast!   We are now offering take out!
Order  at  Friday & Saturdays 7:30 – noon

Enjoy Breakfast with us!

Open  Fri & Sat: 7:30 AM – Noon

Stephen has his hands full with the restaurant, operation of the farm, farm tours and making chocolate from our own 100% Hawaiian cacao trees. Liz is a teacher at Keonepoko School nearby and an artist. Her art classes featuring lau hala are available at the farm to both locals and visitors.Much of the fruit and vegetables are grown on our nearby farm. We also offer for sale many items including our honey, dried tropical fruits and local organic macadamia nuts (a superfood).



FRESH, Organic & Local!

From the farm to your table

Although we owned this farm since 2002, Puna Gold Coffee & Cacao Estate was started in 2011 with the initial planting of the trees from the best local seeds procured from local farmers in the lower Puna region. All trees were raised here organically from seeds.Liz is in charge of the tropical flowers and orchids. Stephen spends his time maintaining the organic farm (weedwhacking & mowing mainly) as well as planting new additions to the ever-growing unusual tropical fruits & vegetables.

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Open Tuesday – Sunday 7:30 – noon



We are a proud Member of Localicious Hawaii!